A Word from Mark

I want you to know: I’ve been there.

For more than 25 years, I have been leading and managing enterprises that work for a better world.

As a longtime nonprofit executive, I know the challenges of working in the public interest.  I know about weighing the choice between secure and methodical advance, or seizing the opportunity to take a big step. About demand that outstrips capacities, and having to revamp systems that can no longer handle the load. I know about fundraising challenges and confronting steep political odds, about building coalitions and boards. About swinging for the rafters when you see that fat pitch coming.

Whatever you are trying to achieve–whatever challenge you are rising to–I’ve seen something like it before, and I can help. Experience has brought me a strategic mind and a flair for understanding organizations and their challenges.

I help my clients to clarify their goals, ask the right questions, identify opportunities, develop resources and partnerships, and chart viable paths to success. When engaged to manage a project, produce an event or coordinate a campaign, I bring experience and enthusiasm to work with me.

Public service is a calling. We do it because we care. So if you ask me to help you, I don’t look at it as “just work,” any more than you do.

I get it.

As I said, I’ve been there.

I look forward to discussing your efforts and needs. Thanks for considering Green Future.